• EV Association of Singapore

    We are a group of like-minded individuals and businesses who strongly believe that Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation, and the mass adoption of electric mobility will be crucial for Singapore's journey towards a low carbon future.


    Founded in 2018, the Electric Vehicle Association of Singapore (EVAS) is established as a not-for-profit organization that will comprehensively represent the EV industry, and be the leading advocate for electric mobility.


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  • The 4th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was conducted through electronic means at 10.30am on Saturday, 26 June 2021 to transact the following agenda:

    - To consider & approve the Minutes of the 3rd AGM;

    - To announce the change in Committee Member(s);

    - To consider and receive the Statement of Accounts for 2020;

    - To transact any other businesses

    EVAS Committee 2021

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    Electric Mobility for a Smart & Sustainable Singapore


    The EV Guide is designed to help prospective EV owners understand about the benefits of electric mobility with the most updated information relevant to Singapore.
    The topics covered are: basics of EV technology, available EV models, charging
    infrastructure, EV rebates & incentives and Frequently Asked Questions.
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    Last Updated: April 2021

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  • State of E-mobility in Singapore

    Updated as of 31 May 2021


    Registered EVs (inclusive of Plug-In Hybrids, EV taxis, Motorcycles Goods Vehicles and Buses)


    Source: LTA Vehicle Statistics ("Motor Vehicle Population by Type of Fuel Used, May 2021")


    Public AC Charging Charging Points at 304 locations


    Source: BlueSG, Greenlots and SP Group


    Public DC Fast Charging Points at 52 locations

    Source: Greenlots and SP Group


    EV Charging Points at 44 condominiums


    Source: Greenlots

  • Corporate Partners

    EVAS aims to be a leading platform for the electric mobility industry, which includes automakers, dealerships, charging hardware manufacturers, utilities and network operators. A strong working relationship with major corporate partners ensures that industry perspectives can be adequately represented to policymakers and government agencies.


    Interested in becoming a partner / member of EVAS? Please fill out the membership application link here.

  • Our Constitution

    The EVAS Constitution was formally ratified by members during our first AGM on 17th March 2018. The subsequent amendments are as follows:

    • 2019 Amendment approved by members during our second AGM on 15th June 2019

  • Regional & Global Partnerships

    EVAS is supporting & supported by the following EV Associations:

  • Photos & Media

    EVAS Tech Series IV

    BYD all-new e6 Earth Day event & test drives

    Vantage Automotive (Alexandra showroom) April 2021

    EVAS AGM 2020-06

    EV Association Annual General Meeting


    Via Zoom

    EVAS Tech Series III

    Jaguar I-PACE Presentation & test drives

    Wearnes Auto (Jaguar Showroom)
    August 2019

    EVAS Tech Series II

    Nissan LEAF Experience & test drives

    Tan Chong Motors (Nissan Ubi Showroom) May 2019

    EVAS Tech Series I

    EVAS Survey 2018 & Renault ZOE + Kangoo Z.E test drives

    Wearnes Auto (Renault Showroom) September 2018

    EV Asia Summit 2018-07

    Inaugural launch of the EV Asia Summit event

    Mandarin Orchard Hotel

    EVAS AGM 2018-03

    EV Association Annual General Meeting

    ACE Ideation Centre, JTC Launchpad

    EVAS 1st Meeting 2018-02

    EV Association 1st Meeting

    ACE Ideation Centre, JTC Launchpad

    2018-01 Announcement

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    The EV Association of Singapore is set up for the purpose of promoting the local electric mobility industry.


    Please note that we are unable to entertain all student interview requests and they will be addressed in a case-by-case basis whenever possible.

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